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Make !t Happen for yourself and others

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Inspirational stories and a tactical approach to help you ….

Real experiences and inspiration of ASK UP! in action from today’s women along with tactical approaches to help you ASK UP! of and for yourself and others. When we are able to have a genuine conversation with another woman about her goals and passions, it is amazing how quickly we want to help her achieve that gratification. Now consider the exponential possibilities if we all really listen to one another AND for opportunities for one another. Oh the possibilities! And when we are comfortable enough knowing that mistakes can be made along our learning path to achieve our goals, and that we are just one ASK UP! away from another door opening, what could possibly hold us back? Let’s evolve and embody ASK UP! together.

Hi I’m Amy Rossi…

I’ve never been afraid or shy to ASK UP! but I found that my bulldozer method didn’t always work (no kidding), so I have found ways to modify my approach and want to share those with you so that your learning curve to gratification is much shorter than mine.  I have also come across women not willing to ask up due to their own behavioral style or risks they felt were at hand, and we have discovered other ways that ASK UP! works for them and their circle.  

ASK UP! Has been the mantra both in my career as well as with my kids, from not wanting to ask for a fork from the waitress to asking for scholarships and positions they have come a long way.  ASK UP! Is not something to be afraid of rather an invigorating daily tool that serves you and others exponentially.  It is what we as a whole need to survive, thrive, and evolve together.

  • Mom & Wife

  • Female Entrepreneur, Founder & Owner

  • Career Coach

  • Online Educator 

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Author & Keynote Speaker

  • Communication & Leadership Trainer

  • Sales / Customer Success Consultant

  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer

  • Lean Manufacturing Consultant

  • Project/Program Manager 

  • Supply Chain Design Consultant

  • Outdoor Enthusiast 

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